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good morning Monday morning

well, I got my car up and running, runs great, still have a couple of codes, perhaps need to change differential and transfer case oils, but running good again, it was until the starter went out, replaced that and the water pump, I made the water pump much harder with my stubborn mechanical skills, there

good morning Monday morning2024-02-26T14:23:33+00:00

hey this is something I found that was pretty cool, I am MORE GENetically Native than it seems

Well kinda. here is what it boils down to.  Ancestry 23 and me and my heritage, not as much are the most recent cromes, short for chromosome. So I had been a little disheartened when I learned I was only 22% Native American, all the while thinking I was a half breed, I had read

hey this is something I found that was pretty cool, I am MORE GENetically Native than it seems2024-02-21T21:39:05+00:00

ha the price we pay to look young

HA, sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes eye dont. This picture is me right after my cancer treatments, vaca in Maui.  NO grey, or gray?  I said after the treatments they took 20 years off of my life, maybe more. I have to fess up, sometimes I try to use my cancer to deflect

ha the price we pay to look young2024-02-21T15:04:38+00:00

Suprise suprise, another baby Ingram

Well, I am really mixed about writing about this story. mixed feelings. I may be a Cad. well I know I was, if writing about it makes it true, then so be it. Exciting but scary. I dont know why, maybe the good lord is planning on taking me to the spirit in the sky.

Suprise suprise, another baby Ingram2024-02-20T17:37:22+00:00

Happy Sunday

nice balmy Arizona weather today, nothing to say, let see. kinda just feel blah. I guess its just a day.  

Happy Sunday2024-02-18T16:47:08+00:00

Just my imagination, the rolling stones

So, dreams are my connection to the  spirit world, what am I dreaming, if they are, my imagination is the key to enjoyment of this world. I had another dream, it is so clear, then its gone. Sometimes I fight to remember only to get a glimpse, on good nights I fall right back into

Just my imagination, the rolling stones2024-02-17T20:56:47+00:00

The key to happiness eludes me

The key to happiness is to help other people in life.  I have always had a problem with this one. mainly because I have this poor me concept of existence. I have been give a good mind and body, that is what I have been blessed with most in this World. now to think of

The key to happiness eludes me2024-02-15T13:50:37+00:00