vote for freedom, vote for change, Vote vote vote

unless your voting for joe biden, then stay home. :/ just kidding... kind of, I mean he talks some good points, but social change...

Were getting AC today

cool Columbia South Carolina and Sweet Mary with a large Cock

Love thy Neighbor

This is all good in theory, for me is trying to even like my neighbors 🙁 for me a good neighbor waves and says...


there is no place like home there is no place like home dorthy

The Tale of 2 familes

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White Privilege or Native Entitlement

Once upon a time, there was a boy from a small Alaskan...

Voices from the past

These are some recordings from my great Grandmother and my grandmother, they...
Hi! I'm


Hello, my name is Richard Simeonoff, this is my website. I am a General Contractor in Phoenix Arizona, I was born in Alaska on Kodiak island and grew up in Canyon Country California, now Santa Clarita, I have been married for 30+ years* to a lovely lass, I call her Sweet Mary. this is my blog about my life and experiences. my ethnicity is Scandinavian/English/Eskimo/Scottish/Aleut and Athabascan. I am also interested in DNA, Genetics, family trees, baseball, swimming, surfing boating hiking and eating, well not as much anymore, I was diagnosed with stage 4 HPV throat cancer in 2013 and went through, surgery, chemo and radiation. I lost an eye, (if you find one, let me know, LOL) when I was 23 years young, I have worked as a commercial fisherman out of Dutch harbor and Kodiak. I am also a recovering alcoholic since 1995. these are my stories and opinions and are subject to change and often do. enjoy my skewed look at of the world. My journey also includes the life of a one eyed Carpenter White/Alaska Native tying to make a living and doing the best eye can*

Richard on the Side

no time like the present

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